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Welcome to the information section of the site. Here you will find a list of products that we believe are essential to the hobby as well as every play you can get them. Please keep in mind that this list is not meant to be a complete list, nor is it meant to advertise any particular product or brand. This is simply meant to be a reference and review of the products we use.


Obviously, the first thing you need are the actual models used to play the game. Here are some places you can get them:

What to Buy

Unfortunately there are WAY to many individual models and places to purchase them to create a specific list. We'll leave that up to each store to list their products. In recent times, GW has been trying to stop the online sale of their models from anyone other than themselves, however, most wargaming stores offer a discounted rate for Warhammer 40k products.

Our advice is to talk to people who are in the game about what the different factions are and how they play and choose one that best fits your desired play-style and have an aesthetic that you like. Then go and buy that faction's Codex. The codex has the basic rules, point-values, and fluff for its army. That will help you decide which units to field, and therefore which models you want to purchase. Then, see where you can get it from cheapest and most easily, and purchase from them.

Where to Buy

Games Workshop CAD     

  This is the obvious first-stop as GW is the company that makes Warhammer 40k miniatures and rule-sets. The main advantage is that they typically have a better selection of products and since they don't allow other stores to sell their products online, one of the few places you can buy the online. One difference, though arguable whether it is an advantage or disadvantage is that they do not use standard exchange-rates for their stores, so the prices can vary extremely from country to country and it may be cheaper to buy it from a 3rd-party in a different country and have it shipped than to order direct from GW because of this.

Forge World CAD   

  ForgeWorld is the sister-company to GW. They make miniatures from Resin that are compatible in Warhammer 40k and with our games. They also provide rule-sets for these models. Models available from FW are NOT available from GW and vice-versa. While GW is based in the USA, FW is based in the UK. The models, by design are right up there with GW in excellent quality, but the actual product has abysmally low quality. The resin models often ship cracked, bubbled, warped, snapped, with mold lines and slip lines. Aside from the poor quality of product, the prices are ridiculously high and having to get it shipped from overseas can often mean couriers charging ransom fees.


Once you have some models, you will need tools to turn those bits of plastic into functional game-pieces. The following list includes tools like snips and knives, glues, paints, brushes, magnets, etc.

What to Buy

Where to Buy


To further enhance your games, you will need some accessories such as tables, terrain features, dice, templates, markers, objectives, etc.

What to Buy

Where to Buy