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GW Apocalypse 8th Edition 2019

So, most of the site has been on hiatus as the new Apocalypse Rule book was announced. With it's release imminent, we've hunted down as much info on it as possible. This link: provides the bulk of unit rules for free and hints towards the overall gameplay. Basically all the units are watered-down so that no model has distinction between unit-members anymore. The units attack as a single model with hit-points reflected in model count. Most single-model units like HQs lose their ranged attacks altogether. Our game, as it is designed to be, is all about making the game as fun and immersive as possible. While GW's streamlined version will likely play out significantly faster, it also appears to completely ruin the game, from our perspective. Especially since we're as much a 40k campaign as an apocalypse game, this bundling of units simply doesn't work for us. In conclusion, while we will look at some of the aspects of the new Apocalypse style of gameplay from GW, we will not be converting to it, instead preference will be given to 7th-edition style game-play with some standard 8th-edition streamlining of model stats. (e.g. hit points for vehicles instead of armour values).


Completed the first iteration of the Information page. More links to be added later as it gets flushed out.

More Rules

Added more to the Rules Section including additional source material as well as a decent chunk of the core game rules. More to come in the following days.

Bug Fixes

Fixed Several bugs associated with the profile page including a layout issue with the logout modal and an inability to properly read and edit referral codes and some layout issues for the input fields.